Meet our incredible team! Our Crew, along with our amazing members, make The Crux Community what it is... AWESOME! 

This is Asama! He's one of the founder of The Crux, and is dedicated to making a friendly and welcoming community space. He loves flowy climbs and will try to static every dyno. He likes coding, woodwork and maths.. and he will not back down from a Street Fighter challenge!


Meet our manager Jade :) She is the chick walking around The Crux giving everyone double thumbs up. She loves climbing at Mt Arapiles and moves that require placing her foot above her head. If you want to see Jade get very excited ask her how to get into an arm balance 


Now introducing Xander! He is passionate about outdoor wellness, new friends and coffee. At The Crux, you'll find his handing out donuts and coffee or dropping subtle beta-tips. "Climbing allows us to play, be humbled, learn and grown within a supportive and welcoming community."  


Crimp the Crux kitty! This lil angel walked into the gym asking for food and cuddles and we immediately fell in love. He didn't have a collar on and seemed like a stray, so off to the vet he went. Now he lives at Jade's place but comes into the gym for her shifts. He enjoys laser pointers, cuddles and nibbling on toes.