Early Bird Memberships Now Available!

What's included in the early bird deal?

Pay upfront for a discounted membership, and get access to our ongoing foundation member discount!

The way it works is:

  • You pre-purchase a 1 month membership.

  • After it expires, you can move onto our Founder's membership plan. This is an ongoing membership at $22.50 a week (a 20% discount!), and this is valid as long as your membership is active.

These offers are available until our opening day, so get yours now!

Buy an Early Bird membership

Climb until the end of your membership

Move onto the weekly foundation membership plan and keep climbing!



  • Access to the Founder's Membership*
  • Activates on your first session
Terms and Conditions

To activate your membership, you must sign our waiver prior to climbing and agree to our gym rules.

Please note that participants must be aged 12 and over.

* The Founder's Membership offer is a discounted membership at $22.50 a week. This offer remains as long as the membership remains active.