To keep you safe we have a few gym rules. We have written them here for you, or you can watch our safety induction video below


  • Stay off the mats unless you’re climbing.

  • Keep the mats free of bottles / phones / animals / Jenga.

  • Be aware of people climbing around you.

  • Be courteous to other people.

  • Wear shoes when on the wall.

  • Brush holds after yourself.

  • Look out for each other.



  • Run or wrestle or jump.

  • Climb too close to another climber on the wall.

  • Wear rings or wrist jewellery while climbing.

  • Top out 

  • Walk through the arch.



  • if you have any medical condition that may affect your ability to climb;

  • if there is any loose/broken hold;

  • if you have any concern or question;



Our facilities are not designed specifically with kids in mind. Their experiences at our gym can vastly differ from those of adults. A fall of the same height is larger for a smaller person, and thus more dangerous. With these considerations, we ask that:

  • participants must be aged 10 and over;

  • guardians accompany their minors during our induction demonstration;

  • every minor is supervised by a guardian at all time, with no more than 2 minors per guardian;

  • guardians ensure that the minors under their supervision: 

    • follow the gym rules; 

    • climb within the height limit agreed with staff


  • Use any holds to climb down whenever you can. Look for the fluoro pink holds.  

  • Land on the mats with both feet at shoulder width apart.

  • Bend your knees and roll onto your butt.

  • Keep your hands tucked over your chest.

  • Tuck your chin. 

  • Practice falling from a low height first to gain confidence.

  • If necessary, organise a spotter to guide your fall to the mats.

  • AVOID landing on straight legs.

  • AVOID rotation when jumping or falling.

  • AVOID breaking the fall with your hands

  • AVOID rolling forward.

  • DON’T climb higher than you are willing to fall from.